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Why Men Pull Away After Sex and how to deal with this situation.

Why Men Pull Away After
Sex and How to Deal With This Situation

time ago, a fan asked me why her boyfriend was responsive to her and loved her
very much before having sex with her, but after sex, his attitude turned around
180 degrees, indifferent to her, and chatting casually.

was silent for a while and asked slowly: Do you want to hear the truth or lies.

thought for a few seconds and told me: listen to the truth.

know the real answer is difficult for her to accept, but judging from my years
of relationship experience, this man does not love her at all.

couldn’t help crying and told me it was impossible. The two of them had
experienced a lot together. How gentle this man used to be. It must be work or
other reasons.

knew that no one could suddenly accept such cruel facts, so I had to tell her:
maybe it is.

few days ago, she contacted me again, saying that they broke up, that this man
was with another girl, and before they broke up.



listened, and I was actually grateful for her bravely made the painful decision
to break up, because in real life, many girls have faced such problems because
they can’t make the determination to break up, and the result is getting deeper
and deeper. Instead, he hurt more.

does it mean when a man becomes cold after sex?

is a heavy topic. Even in the modern, open and tolerant society, if a woman is
willing to have sex with you, it means that she really regards you as the
person she likes and is willing to get along with you.

a man Pull Away After Sex, or become indifferent, this is undoubtedly a
chilling and sorrowful thing for a woman, and this unspeakable concealment can
only be hidden in the heart apart from telling the closest friends. Many women
are unwilling to admit that if a man becomes cold after having a relationship
with you, it means that he does not love you at all. Because for any person,
falling from the tenderness of sweet talk to the icy abyss will resist.
Psychology says that this is a kind of self-protection mechanism of human

is also a possibility that he suffers from symptoms of sexual
intercourse disorder.
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if he meets these characteristics )

long-term pain is not as good as short-term pain. If this person is willing to
lie to you for a lifetime, he is also considered responsible. If he just wants
to treat you as a short-term sexual partner, your blindness will only hurt you
more deeply. So, I choose to tell you the truth. You can take a while to slowly
accept it, but don’t avoid it.

did he treat me so well before sex? Are these pretends?”

now I said only the first half of the sentence. If a man shows such an attitude
to prove that he does not love you, now I want to say the second half, this man
loves himself. Loving yourself is the reason sex used to be good to you.

you say he pretended to be? It’s not. One can pretend for a while, but not
forever. He treats you purely because of his own needs, just like a person who
is hungry for a long time and wants to eat. At this time, you tell him to
complete some tasks and he can have food, and he will do the tasks without hesitation.

is called the demand motivation theory in psychology.
 When people have needs, they will arouse
the motivation to act, and it will be maintained until the needs are met. Once
the needs are met and the tension is relieved, the people’s motivation will no
longer work. Will produce any behavior.

like eating. Once he is full, he will not take action to eat. Do you say he
loves rice? No, he loves himself, because he will do the same if he replaces
the meal with pizza or hamburger.

when you think that he is so good to you and loves you, it is really too
simple. If you change to another woman, he will do the same.

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to identify whether a person loves you or not?

is a kind of appreciation. After he has sex with you, he still loves you and
pets you as before. This is a kind of sweetness, but it cannot be said that he
really loves you.

the very least, it can be explained that his purpose with you is not for
physiological needs.

can think in the way of thinking of the demand motivation theory mentioned
above. Is it possible that he is good to you because of other needs, such as
high-value needs that prove their unique charm. For example: a man and a friend
bet, who can chase you, you can wash his clothes by yourself and you win. At
this time, this man’s hidden motivation for you is that you can wash him once
to prove his high value among his companions. Perhaps, if this demand is met,
he will become cold.

the best way to identify whether someone loves you or not is time. Time can
tell everything. The two of you must get along. After getting along for a long
time, all the needs and desires at the beginning have been satisfied. You can
see if he will treat you well.

is why we see a lot of couples getting together at first, but they will break
up soon, because the initial passion is gone. The psychological explanation is:
all the initial needs have been met, and there is no longer any motivation to
maintain good actions for the other party.

should I do if I meet such a person?

best way is to leave
. There is a concept of sunk costs in
economics, which means that you should not worry about what you have already
lost. It is the most sensible way to stop losses from the current situation in

love is mutual appreciation, not something from each other.

all beautiful people be treated with tenderness.

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