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Talk to strangers-benefits and tips.

Talk to
strangers-benefits and tips.

In reality, many
people are socially weak, not that they are afraid of socializing, but that
they are really unable to establish a relationship and continue to operate.
There are actually many people in our lives who will accompany our growth, such
as family, classmates, and friends. But I don’t know since when, our perception
loneliness has become clearer. It is difficult to say that these people who accompany us
are people who understand ourselves, and it is difficult to truly feel
happiness from the heart.

It is easy for
us to encounter love and sex, but the hard part is to encounter understanding.

To a large
extent, I can say that most of my friends just know me, not understand. So more
and more people are willing to chat with strangers online. It is undeniable
that an anonymous private space will give people a great sense of security. We
re-establish our own labels to express, communicate, and interact with people.
We can release our true feelings in front of strangers as much as we can, which
makes us feel relaxed and happy.

One of my fans
sent me a private message. He found the love of his life on a social app some
time ago. He told me that after he posted his personal information, a girl in
the app came to him to chat with him.

Later, they
talked late every day. The girl told him a lot of things that happened around
her. He also gradually got used to the other party’s company, because the girl
is very beautiful. She also became the anchor on this app for work-study
purposes. I Fans of fans often go to watch her
live broadcast and give her some small gifts. The girl is very touched. She said that the best
person she has ever met in her life is him, so they met a month later.

chat record:

Seeing this, do
you feel moved? Then how to chat with strangers, I will give suggestions:

Time to chat.

It is best to be
around 8-11pm from Monday to Thursday. Some women are busy at work and rarely
go out in the evening from Monday to Thursday. During this time, she will be
relatively free. If you send a message, the chance of her replying will be
high. In addition, 3-4 pm on Sunday is also a good time, you can also contact
them at this time.

2. The content of the chat.

It can be some
relaxed and interesting topics, don’t make women feel pressured. When she feels
that this message can be returned or not, the woman will respond to you. But
remember, don’t ask random questions. You can only ask one question in a chat.
When you ask too many women, they will immediately notice your sense of need
and put you on the “blacklist”.

For more
information, you can read
article of mine
. It is about how to
communicate effectively. Speaking is an art.

The first chat.

After you add a
woman as a friend, you can start by talking about her characteristics, such as
accessories, dress, looks (you can evaluate her as a cute animal), and even
recommend her a movie is feasible . You have to establish a harmonious and
interesting interactive mode from the beginning. Then you take the initiative
to cut off the topic and end the chat.

4. The second chat. You can take 1-2 days apart.

You have to
prepare at least 2 topics for this chat. After you finish the pleasant chat, if
she takes the initiative to contact you next time, you can just ask for an invitation.
If she doesn’t come to you, don’t worry, just send out a date invitation when
you are free. But the premise of these invitations you make is to do the
previous things well.

5. Time of invitation.

You can put a
woman around Monday to Thursday or after 9pm on Sunday. If you do well in front
of things, women will be willing to come out and interact with you, and you can
have a wonderful night by seeing the time to open a hotel.

The app I
mentioned above, I have to say,
this social app is not only excellent in user chatting, but also has more entertainment
functions. For example, the live broadcast of the girl in the story has many features.

1. There are
many types of beauty anchors, such as celebrities, sexy, goddesses, cute
styles, so you can easily find your favorite beauty anchors.

2. In the beauty
live room, you can order songs for your favorite beauty anchors to sing for
you, and the K song live room lets your favorite anchors sing the songs you order.

3. The gifts are
rich and varied. There are many types of gifts in the live studio, fun gifts,
high-end gifts, and romantic gifts. There must be gifts you want to send to the
live broadcast anchor of beautiful women. The animation effects of the gifts
are cool and pleasing to the eye.

In addition,
there are some small games, you can win gold coins, you can not only enjoy the
fun of playing the game, but also almost win gold coins, exchange gifts, are
you still not excited, download through the following link,
come and play.

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