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Dirty Talk Guide: Learn How to Have Crazy Wild Sex

Dirty Talk Guide: Learn How to Have Crazy Wild Sex

reading this article, I want to answer a question:

l  Why
do women need to have a dirty talk with your man?

In coaching my
female fans over the years, there has been a clear consensus of wanting to be a
dirty talking sexual dynamo with their man, but often not knowing where to
start, and feeling incredibly shy about opening their mouths and letting this
kind of stuff fly.

The fundamental
part of doing this well, and turning him on, is being able to talk dirty with

Just like how
most women want to feel their man confidently lead, ravish, and direct during
sex, most men also want to feel a certain energy from you.

You have to be
sure of one thing:

There is an immense
sexual power inside of you that your man is drawn to like a moth to a flame. If
you give yourself permission to intentionally access it and play it up, he’ll
melt like butter in the palm of your hand.

where does Dirty talk start?

His Arousal Triggers.

Saying anything
dirty at all is fun enough. But understanding his specific erotic hot-buttons
will allow you to tailor your approach.

Many men will
have their own specific fetishes and desires to play off of. Such as feet,
bondage, or using names like “Daddy” and “little girl.” You can experiment – or
better yet: talk with him – to figure out what his specific kinks and favourite
fantasies are. But these following four points are the essential underlying
dynamics that apply to almost any man.

Novices can learn from these drity talk phrases.

– “Will you
please fuck me tonight?”

– What was your favourite
part of getting naked with me last night?”

– “What do you
love about being inside of me?”

– “I can’t wait
to be with you later tonight. I think we should have some fun…”

– “Can you have
your pants off when I get home later? I’m feeling horny, and I don’t want to
waste any time…”

– “What outfit
would you like to peel off of me for our date tonight?”

– “I’ve got a
sexy surprise waiting for you later…”

– “I can’t focus
at work today. I keep thinking about your cock and how well you fucked me last

– “Remember when
you went down on me [insert time/location.] Can we do that again?”

– “Is there
anything you’d like to do to me/me to do to you tonight?”

– “Do you know
what I love the most about your cock…?”

– “Where do you
want to take my pussy tonight?”

– “My pussy has
been missing you so much.”

– “I can’t wait
to wrap my legs around you.”

– “I want to
make you cum tonight.”

– “You make me
so horny, baby.”

– “I’m imagining
what it would feel like to have your cock inside me right now.”

– “I love
walking around knowing that my pussy is all yours.”

– “I’m looking
at some toys and sexy outfits. What would you love to see me with? I want to
blow your mind.”

– “How can I
show you how much I love your cock?”

When in doubt,
remember this basic rule:

Tell him what
you want/are going to do, then comment on it in the moment, and refer back to
it afterwards.

And once you’re
warmed up and in the dirty talking mindset, let yourself really start having
fun by improvising your own lines.

I promise you
that he will feel like he hit the relationship jackpot.

Dedicated to
your success.

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