Why Would You Do That? (Watch Your Wife with Another Man)

Why Would You Do
That? (Watch Your Wife with Another Man)

Before reading
this article, ask my readers to imagine that your girlfriend is lying on
another person and
moaning at the moment, and your boyfriend is galloping on another woman.

Many people may
think this is a

Some people are
not only not angry with this situation, but also excited and satisfied.

This actually
involves a new type of relationship in modern society: open-ended

One of my fans
told me about his personal experience of changing his wife, and I will describe
it in the first person below:

“My wife
loves me very much, but we often quarrel. One day I read in the newspaper that
exchanging wives can add excitement to the marriage and make the life of the
couple more harmonious. After getting the consent of my wife, I started on
Find the right couple on the
Internet. Since I have never experienced it before, I have also encountered
many liars.

Later, by
chance, I joined an app husband and wife club, and met L husband and wife in
it. They are in the same city with us, a few years older than us. Through
online chat, both parties have generally understood each other. We also
listened to the whole process of making love with each other by phone, so we
decided to meet in reality.

That night we
made an appointment to have a meal together in a hotel. My mood was very
uneasy. During the meal, everyone became familiar with it a lot, but we didn’t
talk about what was going to happen next.

After eating, we
came to my house, turned on the DVD player, turned off the lights in the living
room, and put out the
brought by the L couple. I hugged
my wife and they hugged together. As the naked bodies on the TV were tangled
together, our breathing became quicker, and after drinking some alcohol, our
faces became red and hot.

Next, Miss Lisa
from the L couple took the initiative to come to me, she took the initiative to
kiss me, and I started to touch her slowly. At this time, the wife was taken
away by the man to the bedroom. After a while, she moaned, and I speeded up.
The gasps of the four of us echoed in the room.

This is the
first exchange experience of our husband and wife. It is indeed very exciting,
and it can also increase the feeling and interest of intimacy between husband
and wife. So although my wife and I still often quarreled, it was not as
serious as before. I am still very grateful to the
swap club
that we joined on that dating app,
which made our relationship between husband and wife more harmonious.

Sources from the
Wife Swap Club said that most of the couples who played the game of wife
swapping were very wealthy, and they would even rent an entire hotel for a
group exchange party. More than 4,000 members would rent a building on the
beach in Miami, Florida. In the grand hotel on the first floor, if my wife and
I are on vacation, we will still contact the local club manager to play an
exciting game. “

The story ends
here. I want to use this story to explore some issues. Although the practice of
sharing wives focuses on the wife’s sexual behavior, in my experience, it is
almost always caused by the husband’s request. The wife does not go to her
husband often or for no reason, and asks permission to have sex with other men.
In my research on sexual psychology, I explored the reasons why men are
interested in watching their wives with other men in developing sexual

1.      Voyeurism.

Men are exposed
to pornographic videos earlier than women and use them as part of their sex
life. If they are used to this kind of voyeuristic process in terms of sex,
there is a certain rationality suggesting that they can incorporate it into the
aspect of marital sex. They usually watch their own sexual behavior by wearing
a mirror on the ceiling, then using a camera during sex, and finally watching
another man having sex with his wife.

2.      Taboo

Some people I
interviewed made it clear that breaking a taboo makes them excited. While
afraid of being blamed for his morals, he enjoys the thrill of such a thrilling

3.      Bisexuality.

In more than
half of the men I interviewed, male bisexuality is a husband’s desire to watch
his wife have sex with another man. This manifests itself in different
behaviors. Sometimes, letting a man sleep with his wife is an excuse, and then
the husband can have sex with the man for granted. Sometimes, husbands are very
worried that they will be regarded as heterosexual. They spend a lot of time
looking for men with rich talents for their wives, and then join them in the

4.      Masochism.

Just like those
who seek taboos, these cuckolds often find strong SM flavors in which their
husbands are degraded and degraded, which makes them happy.

5.      Financial reasons.

Most women who
work in brothels in Nevada have husbands and boyfriends at home, and they get
paid for the sexual exploitation of their wives. So the financial part is a
part that cannot be ignored, because it has existed for a long time. In
England, men sometimes lead their wives to seduce a man so that the husband can
later sue the man in court. In Florida in the 1990s, the husband of the Sheriff
of “Housewife Hooker” hid in a closet, filmed his “sex mad
wife” with other men (especially Republican politicians), and then
blackmailed those men.

Finally, I want
to talk about it in the article. If an open sexual relationship is unanimously
approved by both husband and wife, it can be a stimulant that can add fun to
life. But if you want to rejuvenate a relationship that has already been
cracked through the life of a wife swap, then this is not a sensible choice.
Respect you and your partner.

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