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4 Things Every Couple Can Use to Spice Up Their Sex Life

4 Things Every Couple Can Use to Spice Up Their Sex Life

If your sex life
feels a bit repetitive and boring, you may be wondering if there is any way to
change the current status quo to make your sex life more interesting and make
your relationship with your partner just like at the beginning of the
relationship Exciting.

Whether you like having sex with your
or masturbating, reading this article, you can get some
inspiration and start a wonderful sexual experience.

1.      Communicate
with your partner.

As I said in an
article on how
to communicate effectively in a relationship
, communication is the
key to a normal functioning relationship.

Whether you want
to try new things or try to do something they don’t like, don’t worry about
hurting their feelings. You are a team, and team members share each other’s
thoughts and feelings. This will only lead to better relationships and better
sex between you, so what are you waiting for?

2. Go masturbation boldly.

What I said is
contrary to what some people might tell you. Whether you are a man or a woman,
there is nothing wrong with masturbating. This is self-love! Behaviors
that make you feel good should not make you feel bad at the same time
Therefore, I am here to tell you that if you have any doubts, don’t care about
them and put masturbation into practice.

If you are
unfamiliar with masturbation, you should start with small aspects.

For example,
first use your fingers to explore your clitoris. It is best to add lubricant to
create some effects. After you are familiar enough with masturbation, you can
try some small toys. They have one speed to help you get used to things, are
small and compact enough to fit into your handbag and they’re easy to whip out
for a quick pleasure thrill. You can thank us later.

3. Give priority
to your own preferences.

Don’t get us
wrong now; we are not saying that you should completely ignore the needs of
your partner, but sometimes we need to please ourselves before we please

For example, if
you can only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation (don’t
worry, it’s not just you alone
), then don’t be afraid to reach there
with your fingers or a small trusted toy. You may be worried, but we will
ensure that your partner will feel very sensitive. In addition, his penis can
also feel the sensation or vibration of the fingers, so it is a win-win

At the same time,
this also involves the
importance of communication
: Don’t be afraid to tell your partner
what you want. If you want more oral sex, please tell him! If you like when he
pays attention to your breasts, please tell him! Don’t sacrifice your happiness
for being shy.

4. Feel good
about yourself.

I have written
an article about body -confidence; and you will learn from this article that
your charm will change with emotional changes. How about maintaining such a
charming state? click to read.

Secondly, as a
woman, you may be dissatisfied with your thighs, abdomen or chest, but please
trust us-he did not consider any of these. He is already having sex with you.

and also! No
longer worry about your performance in bed, how long it lasts or what your
figure is, just focus on having a good time!

5. Improve

Therefore, in
the above we talked about giving ourselves a little hobby, so now let us take
it to the next level. If you have perfected the art of clitoral
why not explore your g-spot? Or see if you can master the
elusive nipple orgasm? Wow, if you can do this, lucky.

Penis orgasm
does not have to be completed quickly within a few minutes. Take time, slow
down, and truly make your happiness as long as possible. Turn off your phone,
maybe take a hot bath or shower to relax, light some candles, and use toys to
truly explore your own fun. If necessary, you can even add some toys for a
little exciting game.

6. Try out a few
new locations.

You can open
your legs to get deeper depth, or you can lock your ankles to his waist to keep
him close. But why not try to mix it up a bit? And we don’t just mean the girl
is on it.

The Internet is
your best friend, and there are many websites dedicated to
helping you explore different positions during sex. Whether it is vagina, oral
cavity or anus, you can find a complete posture, which can help you feel like
never before.

Go ahead and try

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