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What does sex feel like for women?

What does
sex feel like for women?

Sex is a
wonderful thing. Feelings, emotions, passion, intimacy. Of course, many of us
have experienced
but we have also had
amazing experiences. Incredible sexual experience means more than just

In general, this
means sexual intimacy – from kissing, touching, foreplay to mature sex.

So, how do girls
feel when they enjoy sex?

I got these answers
from different people.

1. My best
sexual experience
is due to intimacy.

 “We are so close, there are a lot of
kissing, we keep touching each other. We do this at the same time, and we are
all listening to what each other’s body wants, which makes me feel completely
connected to him.”

2.’Some thunder will burst out during our sex.

When I reach
climax, this huge thunder will roar non-stop, and when I end, a long lightning
will appear in my vision- —The matter of making love is ethereal and
otherworldly, and it is also the thing that makes my feelings strongest in
history! “

3. One of my
fans recently met a guy who can talk to each other on a dating app.

Because of
the mode setting of this dating app, men and women
similar souls can be matched together,
so they quickly confirmed that they are each other The most important person in
life, and two people are in the same city, mature men and women rubbed out a
spark of love. They met to go to my fan’s city, and on a wonderful night, the
two of them fell in love.

This is how my
fans describe that wonderful night. This description is too beautiful. I
suggest you choose to enjoy it on a quiet night.

always describe sex as hunger, which I think is appropriate. When making love,
the floating feeling of emptiness is unsatisfactory. This is how it started.

The night I met
him, his true appearance was as expected, but it was so fascinating.

We entered the
hotel and I leaned against the wall. I accidentally pressed the light switch
with my back, and the surroundings became dark.

He started to
kiss me lightly, our kiss was slow and deep, his hands propped my body against
the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist, I could feel my thighs tingling.

My first orgasm
is a slow vibration. It started from my ankles and then flowed from the top of
my head. What followed was the joy and ecstasy of cervical orgasm. This orgasm
will last a long time, sometimes as long as 20 minutes. My whole life was
ignited… I think this is the correct word, I know that every molecule in my
body is burning. I made eye contact with him, and I knew we were at the same
time, in the same place, and felt the same thing,…that’s it. The closest
thing I feel to God.

This is really a
wonderful thing.

Thank God, I can
meet him in this world without missing him. “

The story is
over. In short, in terms of both sexes,
women’s sexual
is different from that
of men. On the one hand, women are more engaged in physical sex than men; on
the other hand, if sex is only physical, women are less satisfied than men.
They need to flirt, seduce and other psychological aspects of sex, otherwise,
they will feel lost and bored.

women more or less have a passive sexual orientation. They like to be
controlled, conquered and forced by a powerful man. In many cases, women like
men to use violence to take everything on her body.

This kind of
being conquered gives them a faint
. She likes the kind of
sexy game that rebels against a man and then yields to him. But if a man is
obedient to his wife and obeys his words, the woman will fall into a painful

So how do women
get pleasure from sex? First of all, women’s orgasms are born later than men,
which is determined by their physiological structure. So be sure to do
foreplay, wait for the female body to become sensitive and excited before

When a woman has
orgasm, the pleasure starts from the clitoris and radiates to the entire lower
abdomen. At the same time, she feels instant dizziness and loses awareness of
the surrounding environment.

After a while, a
warm wave will flow from the vagina to the whole body, filling the whole body.
Finally, she will feel vaginal muscle spasms and twitches. A woman will reach
the point of forgetting emotions, and her body will tighten involuntarily. At
this moment, she will close her eyes, and her limbs will be limp or twisted.

Hearing this, do
you also want to have a wonderful sexual experience with the person in this
world who is closest to your soul?

Take this step
boldly and believe that making love with the one you love is a wonderful
experience of life.

What does sex feel like for women?

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