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What are some cute psychological facts about crushes?

If a boy has a crush on you, then he has the following behavioral characteristics.

1. Always pretend not to care.

You may think that this guy likes me, but why doesn’t he look at me, but always looks at things next to me, with a thoughtful look on his face. At this time, you can be bold Look into his eyes. If he really has a crush on you, he will either dare not look at you and his face will turn slightly red, or he must have the courage to look at each other with an expression of’Are you looking for me?’

2. Likes to pretend to be cold.
You know, the one who has a crush does not want to be discovered by her, and the best way to cover up is indifference, that kind of indifference that is very excessive and exaggerated than strangers.

3. Boys with certain personalities will like to say a lot in front of you.
Guys with a more cheerful personality will like to speak in front of you, hoping to attract your attention.

4. Will always know you through various channels, but just keep you from knowing.
If you hear him asking you from someone else, he is probably in crush on you.

5. If he always looks at you when people are talking and laughing, he probably has a crush on you
This is a manifestation of psychology.

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