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7 Things to say to your Ex who you still love.

How to save the Ex, bravely say these seven sentences.

When you break up with someone you really love, you will feel pain and sadness. Since you still love your ex, the first thing in your heart after breaking up is to get him/her back in your arms. But you may be worried that your risky recovery may exacerbate 

the situation, thinking that it is a difficult task to win the heart of your predecessor again.

Of course, the breakup of some feelings is necessary. You cannot blindly ask for reconciliation. It is very brave to say goodbye to unhealthy feelings.

Only by bravely rejecting 7 kinds of unhealthy relationships can we welcome happiness.

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1. Do you remember when we…

Although you and your predecessor broke up due to some disagreements, you will definitely have some good memories and events, and these memories and events will still smile when you think of them.

Think about these happy moments and bring them up when talking to your ex. This is a great way to stimulate his/her emotions and bring him/her back to the warmest place in the relationship. Remind him/her of the romantic time you spent together and 

the interesting adventures together. Sharing the good memories of this relationship will make your ex realize that even after the breakup, you still miss him/her very much.

2. I’m sorry…

If you are the one who initiated the breakup, if you want to save it and express your apologies to the ex. In some cases, a simple heartfelt apology can correct a broken relationship and bring the two of you together. When you are sorry, show that you are 

sincere in your feelings and that you value this relationship.

Simply put, ‘I know I did something wrong. Sorry, I hurt your feelings. I want you to know that I still love you. After saying it, don’t say it. Let your words be your greetings. This will also give you time to think about how to repair the relationship.

3. You are the best thing in my life.

You don’t need to make a public statement or give expensive gifts to tell your ex that you still love him/her. By saying: ‘you have never left my heart since we broke up. You are the best thing I have ever experienced. Please come back to me! This sentence 

shows that despite your differences, you still think that he/she is an inseparable part of your life.

Saying this can also make your ex feel relaxed. If he/she still loves you, he/she will understand your intentions.

4. I never want our relationship to end.

People often angrily say something hurtful to the person they love, and then they regret it.

Remember this sentence: The person you can hurt will always be the person who loves you most. So how to prevent this regrettable thing from happening? This requires you to develop a habit of speaking politely. Reading this article will allow you to 

properly handle your interpersonal relationships and prevent the breakdown of relationships. Politeness-the art of learning to speak

If this is the case, please use these words to express your regret about choosing to break up. This will make you realize that you never want him/her to leave, and you really want him/her to return to your life. The current situation may not look good, but 

these words will help your ex realize that you are doing everything you can to make it better.

5. I will always care about you

After breaking up, love and respect will decrease, which is very easy to happen. Tell your ex that even after you separated, you never stopped loving or caring for him/her.

One of the best things you can say to your ex who you still love is, “I love you and will always care about you.” Holding his/her hand and saying it will show that this relationship is both for you and you It really means a lot, cherish his/her presence in your 

life. This also makes your ex feel unconditional love and support, once again igniting the spark between you two.

6. No one can replace you

The fact that you still love your ex proves how special he/she is to you. Saying the above will show that you are emotionally dependent on your ex, and you can’t even stand it before you continue to build new relationships.

Just say, ‘my life is with you, you inspire me and make me feel loved. You are the one who always stands by my side and makes me cry when I am down. No one can make me feel whole like you. Except you, no one else in me wants to share life with me. ’

These words will move your partner very much. Although you have broken up, you will never leave him/her. It shows your loyalty to relationships and sincere love for him/her. In addition, even though your relationship is at a bad stage, he/she will make sure

that you love him/her more than anyone in the world.

 7. “This” reminds me of you

There is a very common phenomenon after breaking up, that is, you will often recall the countless memories you created together. Therefore, some places, habits and things will continue to remind you of your lost love.

Maybe he/she gave you a coffee cup on the first date. Or, he/she will give you a book that you can still read or take with you. Tell your ex about all kinds of things that remind you of him/her. For example, say: “Hey, the coffee cup you gave me on your 

birthday is my favorite cup because it reminds me of you.” This will make him/her feel that he/she is always in your heart because love still exists .

Breaking up with your partner can be very painful. After breaking up, although you and your ex may be angry with each other, love still exists. Expressing inner feelings in sweet and appropriate words can help ignite the flames that have not yet been 

extinguished.  Using the above tips and sharing your views with your ex you still love, you can move you towards your goal of getting him/her back in your arms.

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