May every cat be treated tenderly.

Adopting a stray cat is not easy. They may be sick or malnourished.
The adopter needs to take more responsibility.
However, many stray cats gradually recovered their health through the joint efforts of the veterinarian and the owner, which formed a huge contrast with the previous appearance.
Many people post before and after photos of the adopted cat.

This cat is called grapefruit, and it suffered from a serious skin disease when it was found.

After more than a year of treatment, she is finally completely healthy!

This cat named Barley was found on the side of the road. At the time it was very thin and covered with fleas.

After 3 months, it became a very cute kitty.

This cat is called Melvin and was found in the garbage.
Melvin fell asleep on her chest the first night.

Six years later, it still likes to sleep here.

The kitten broke its jaw. The owner took it for surgery, fed formula milk with a syringe every two hours, and even took it to work.

Kai Mana is now a cute little fat cat.

Emmy found it at the construction site, and one eye couldn’t open because of inflammation.

Now living happily with the owner.

The cat looked scarred before adoption.

After adoption, he is just a cute troublemaker.

Albus was abandoned on the streets of Cairo.
Occasionally someone feeds, but most of the time they still starve.

Now it’s very beautiful.

Finally, smile happily.

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